[How to use a scraper account for Jarvee? [2020 update]

Hey for all the automation people over here that still survive after all the games with IG, they don’t like to make us an easy life :slight_smile:

I made a new video explaining how to use a scraper account, what is all about and if you need to buy these accounts. also - I show the settings I use to scrape the users and how do I send them all automatically to the main accounts, can also help with loop blocks.
here it is:


Thank you!!
I was trying to find an explanation of what a scraper account is! I will probably use the method as I need to avoid blocks.
I use an amazon VPS for Jarvee, do you know if I can use the same proxy for the main account and the scaper account? Could it be trouble or should I put another proxy for the scraper?

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