How to use aged accounts?

Hey guys!

The aged accounts I have bought in the past have been old accounts that have had less than 50 followers/ no pics on wall etc. They didn’t have much value.

I just bought two accounts that have 2000 followers in the same niche as mine doing a similar style to what I was doing with my child accounts. Unfortunately he only has two accounts.

My question is how should I approach these accounts in regards to actions and automation (for using as child accounts)?

The guy used a manual follow/ unfollow method and has not used bots. He said he has encountered small blocks when he’s been building them up but none at the moment.

My plan is to leave it on the proxy for a weekand do a post a day and that’s it. ( So, engagement doesn’t die).
Then I want to start follow/unfollow and look at dming after that.

Any ideas on what plan I should take?