How to use at home mobile proxies, to connect to selenium to automate instagram accounts (Master/Slave method)

Hello i am a python developer, also i am trying to do the Master/slave method but with my own scripts and using at home mobile proxies. Can someone explain to me if it is possible to make 2-3 mobile proxies at home so i can connect them through my selenium (python script with ip and port ) ?
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Mobile proxies can be subject to IP bans and rate limiting, just like any other proxies. Be cautious not to overload websites with requests.Ensure that you have the necessary permissions and comply with legal and ethical guidelines when scraping websites.Using residential mobile proxies in this manner may violate the terms of service of your mobile carrier, so be aware of any potential consequences.Mobile proxies can be costly due to data usage, especially if you plan to scrape a large amount of data.Properly securing and maintaining your proxy servers and devices is essential to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the longevity of your setup.

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