How to use Bots to generate engagement?

Has anyone tried using bots specifically to generate engagement? Using it to story view, save, like followers post?

Im am getting terrible engagement right now and wondering if I should give bots a break, current F/UF 500 per day or just set to engage.

Just trying to get engagement up here, 100 likes per 6,000 follows.


That doesn’t really tell us anything about your niche.

Between content, niche, targeting and how you use a bot, you can either create engagement or you can kill it.

During an unfollow cycle, engagement almost always dips. You will always lose some followers as well.

When I first used automation, I gained customers by following so I didn’t care about engagement. I unfollowed everyone. It killed my engagement and over a year later I am still on the struggle bus to bring it back.

I’ve had moderate success in bringing it back, but I am nowhere near my previous levels:

Adjust, test, and keep trying until you bring it back. I would target followers with engagements, tags, comments, likes, DMs, whatever you can to bring it back.

Targeting a 1:1 ratio or less will help prevent massive level drops when unfollowing, and I tend to do a big unfollow a month or more after initial follow.

Good luck!


If you don´t care much about gaining lots of followers too fast, I would try to use just Likes for some time, so your followers are more organics and it increase the genuine level of interaction with your page… Also depend on the niche you are, and ultimately the content is the main protagonist. I agree that is really difficult to go back to high engagement levels, so you´ll need to hold on a little meanwhile sacrificing a bit your followers. Try to like and answer all the comments of people in your posts, that helps. Both things, followers and engagement, using bots is really difficult to achieve.

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