How to use Instagram Scrapers?

Been a while since I used mp, need some help.

How do you use the instagram scraper accounts that’s now showing up in mp?

it doesnt show up in the tools area, how does it work? any tutorial on it?

Instagram Scraper Accounts have the tagname ‘scraper’ by default.

After you add Instagram Scraper Accounts, and verify them, go to Settings > Social platfroms > instagram, check these three options. Add the same tagname ‘scraper’ for those three options.

Sources and filters are added on your main accounts.

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the scrapers should be used to make API calls instead of the main account, as you might know too many API calls will get the account blocked so that will be the main role of scrapers you can check the article above for more info.

the scrapers are configured on the social profiles tab and they will be used in the background, they won’t show on the tools section.

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So when you say scraping data, do i set scraping tasks somewhere specific?

to me scraping as it is considered in Jarvee is two different things. 1. finding your sources based on your criteria, and 2. executing your actions. for my follow/unfollow activity i scrape followers of target accounts outside of Jarvee, dropping them into specific sources in the follow tool of my main, and execute my actions based on user settings. i try to use my scrapers to execute actions only. tight settings, lots of scrapers, multiple proxies, nightmodes, and lots of checking in. best way to go IMO.

there are two ways of scraping, you either scrape data and use the main account to do actions on that data, or you can use the tag name method provided by Jarvee, using that method the scaping will be done on the background and the main account will do actions with no problem.

If you use tagnamed scraper accounts, you don’t need to set up scraping tasks anywhere. You add your sources and filters on your main accounts like usual, then just make sure your scraper accounts are valid and you have the option “when executing any tool for scraping, use only accounts with specific tagnames” checked.

i keep seeing tutorials for jarvee but im using something else. would that be an issue or is it all the same?

It wouldn’t be an issue, both software work in the same way.