How to use Jarvee smoothly on a cheap Dell laptop?

Hi all!

I just bought a $150 Dell laptop so I can run Jarvee on it 24/7 without taking up my main laptop. Has anyone got any tips to make this run smoothly? I’m only going to be running 1-2 accounts on it. Thanks in advance!

What are the specs? pretty sure this is the same one

Why not VPS in that case?

I could have run VPS, but decided against all the extra costs for it. As my accounts are small im not making any money off them yet.

Less upfront cost, pay a cheap one monthly with similar specs, idk?

Personally running a 64GB ram i9 work horse lol

oh lol its a bit late now haha

Just upgrade her with 16gb of ram and you should be fine. I have 6 laptops that I used for running gmt2 and jarvee, and 16gb was good enough for 400 accounts api, approx 150-200eb. You can add more if you schedule their actions properly.

Wow thats amazing! So i should be fine to run 1-3 accounts with my current laptop? Thats all the accounts i need at the moment! (as im not running slaves or clients)

4gb of ram is suitable for 3 accounts. The only thing that I don’t like is your processor. Celeron is considered a budget processor, and it shows when trying to do too much.

Are you planning to use api or EB? Just start with one, and add one a day until you hit 3, that way you can monitor a full day of performance.

Ok great. I will probably only be running one anyway as i only want to grow one account at a time with F/U, story viewer, like tool, etc.

Taken our of Jarvee’s KB:

For instance, on normal usage, which means using 2-3 social accounts and posting up to 10 posts per day with each of them, a computer with 2GB of RAM and 2 Cores CPU should work fine.

Therefore, if you are looking into adding and automating more social accounts, you will need a more powerful computer. 10 or more social accounts require at least 4GB of RAM.


How many accounts can an i9, 64gb ram, 2080ti computer run? asking for a friend :joy:


2000 accs. Ofcourse you gotta run vm’s


Don’t know exactly.

If you take Jarvee’s 10 acc per 4 GB, you can run at least 160 accounts. But, as mentioned by tux, you might need to do some virtualization.

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It’s not just a Celeron, it’s a Celeron from 2016…


HAHAHAHa i know! it is pretty bad specs, but it was mad cheap

Now how many can I run, while still playing Valorant at 240+ fps so I don’t miss any frames on my 240hz monitor? :skull:

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