How to use multiple accounts on one proxy

We don’t want them to be linked together - with the proxy they already have the same IP address, so we

  1. Run accounts at different times of the day. Of course they will overlap but try to not have them all on nightmare at the same time, for example.
  2. Don’t use the same tool settings. Difficult if you’ve found a setting that works, but you can change intervals by a few minutes, run at different hours on average, change number of actions by a small amount.
  3. Does using the same sources matter? As I have "scrape/follow different users across all accounts I imagine not.
  4. Use good varied spintax in DMs and captions. If they are all slaves they probably have @main in each DM, unsure how likely this is to get them linked, and if there’s a decent alternative.

What do you recommend?

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A friend of mine made an interesting point recently. What if having too many spintax variations on a message makes it less human? If you think about it what human can actually send the same message every time with a different variation. If I’m writing multiple similar articles I already struggle a lot to vary certain bodies of text that appear in each. Just a thought.