How to use multiple gmail accounts under the differnet IP address and cookies on the same computer?

Hey guys, i’m planning of setting up lots of gmail accounts, even 50-100 gmail accounts to send cold emails with Gmass. But im thinking , how i could manage all of them safely on different ip addresses and cookies so they all don’t get connected with each other and don’t get flagged? Please, help me with this!

You can use Multilogin or Kameleo, they’re not free but they’ll be useful for your goal.

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Hey, thanks and got some additional questions:

Can you tell me how do these programs work?
Do i need to purchase proxies separately?
What kind of proxies?
How many gmail accounts you can recommend me to run safely on 1 proxy? Or is it 1 gmail accounts per 1 proxy?

there are posts and articles about those softwares just google them and see how it goes proxies are essential when it comes to multiple logins and accounts to avoid all kind of issues and it is always a good idea to have 1 account per proxy

Google it and dont spam too much

gologin is really good and will do exactly what you are after