How to use The Facebook Reply Comments Tool-jarvee

How to use The Facebook Reply Comments Tool-jarvee?
Does the profile add a link to a post or a link to a group?

Does the profile add a link to a post or a link to a group?

If it is the url of the post, how can it be easily obtained?

You gotta use this source if you want to reply based on posts’ urls:

Hi Jaha
But Getting the urls of posts in bulk is giving me a headache, seems like a lot of work

If you do not have the specific post URLs, you can use the first source you pointed out. With that, you can just enter the page or group URL and Jarvee will be the one to get posts from there.

Then on the Settings tab, you can specify on the Post Filters section to only reply to comments with X - Y number of likes OR comments that are A - B hours old.

Yeah, unfortunately, it’s difficult to filter those posts if you are using the other source and adding just links to those groups.

So this reply function is still a bit chicken ribs – things of little value or interest

May we please know what exactly are you expecting and what do you want to achieve with the Reply Comments tool?

Because we have many Facebook accounts, each account will make many posts, and each post has many comments, I need jarvee to help me reply, I will be a little tired manually

If you are making the posts via Jarvee’s campaign, you can try to write an email for a feature request to have an option that automatically sends new History posts to the Reply Comments tool. Currently, we only have the option to send the posts to Bump and the Invite tool.


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Write an email for jarvee?
Will they add this feature for me? :neutral_face:

Yes, please write an email to the support team. When we get feature requests, the team adds them on a list and they are implemented based on user’s demands. If more other people would request for this feature too, then there’s a better chance of this getting added.

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ok thank you very much. Are you from jarvee team? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

where can I get jarvee? it looks like the site is down

Bolkui bnaa harin

I agree with the otehr comments