How To Verify Phone Numbers Instagram (SMS PVA Did not Work)

I tried verifying my phone numbers with SMSPVA.COM but that caused me losing 2 accounts. They got banned as soon as I added the number.

I visited but the site is offline.

Are there any other services to solve this problem?

Appreciate it.

Real SIMs? Check out the Marketplace here.

for me is online and work so i d’ont know
but i d’ont try it for instagram i use real sims as @MojoJojo say

Yes, I can’t sign up on it keeps loading.

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Try kazakhstans new numbers they seem to work

Appreciate your reply. Will try.

I suggest just purchasing Sim Cards


you can try they have lots of county

i use
have lots country numbers
and contact support can got more discount if use bluk

I love the support at

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which country that you mostly used? try change other country?

Hi, you can uses too Receive SMS online

each sms card have limit i guess only 10 registerd accounts with 1 number