How to warm new IG accounts post Nov 19th update?

I saw a lot of threads recommending different settings to warm up accounts pre Nov 19th update, but after it all i read is that its harder, nothing too specific on how to warm them =/ anyone here mind sharing some info on this? any tips on whats been working?

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Follow 10 first day and increment by 10 each day.


no rest days?

Thats not needed. You can set sleeping times for 4 hours to be safer


Did this work for you?

I am still playing with several ways to warm up accounts. Add a profile pic, ad 6 pics, bio, click on a few niche related top accounts, make a comment or two on some posts. Next day click around in a natural way (follows, comment etc). On day three I start Jarvee will post up how I setup F/U in the morning, my eyes are done for the day :nerd_face:


First Set Night Mode - The less time you use to “sleep” the more room you will have to adjust F/hr and U/hr.

Follow Setup - You can play with Delay between seconds to change F/hr and F/d (I do no more than 25 to 28 F/HR) and Stop tool for x/min after x/f is optional, I change these both as time passes.

I also do no more than 550 max follows/day.

Unfollow - again you can change Delay between seconds to change F/hr and F/d (I increase as time passes).

I do no more than 30 actions per hour for follows. I go up to 35 actions/hr on unfollow, but if you want to keep it under 30/hr just decrease the nightmode time enough to make the adjustment.

These settings are what I do; you can play with the settings to set and forget, I like to fine tune as time passes.


Noob Squad here, this is through the EB right? THEN you fire the Jarvee engines after a couple of days

I just added my first account to Jarvee and Im just watching stories for a couple of days. Taking it super easy, only watched my followers stories no more than 30/hr through Jarvee. Will increase to do likes and follow in a couple of days. But unlike @intadog I added the IG account and after an hour I got to watching stories, let’s see how it goes!

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Yes through EB :heavy_check_mark: then on day 3 I fire up Jarvee with the settings above. Never had a follow block with those settings.


I found this on the forum. I wonder what level 2 has to say about this. Is it too conservative or just right? I will say that most of my accounts have went fine but when I’ve changed the email I’ve had issues. Now I did change everything including the username on that day as well so I’m going to hold off and change the email another day. I’m using rediffmail accounts and I can’t hit them from my browser with the proxies I’m using.


I usually just wait a couple of weeks before changing out the email if at all, I trust who I buy my accounts from now so not an issue. Usually, have zero issues after two weeks of waiting. Also, wait to change out pw etc. for at least a couple weeks with no problems.

Thanks for the update. That’s what I’m thinking as well. Are you adding a phone number immediately as well after login? I’ve been testing different ways and it seems to work fine as well

I do not ad phone numbers at all I rarely get PV’s if I do wait a few days and remove the number from the account that was used.

What is the difference between enabling nightmode and just setting the actions in the daytime? (for example: 6:00-22:00)

The only difference is nightmode shuts down all actions and the interval times has to be set for each action other than that no difference.

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Thank you
So nightmode is actually not necessary if you setup the actions correctly, right?

Yes you can have it run during the intervals for each function or have all functions off with night mode .