How to warm up BOUGHT IG accounts

Soo, I’m wondering.

How do you properly keep bought accounts alive? The thing is when I buy an account and set it up through a factory resetted phone and then do my regular slow warm up they are just doing fine, no bans. When I add a bought account through Jarvee and slowly warm up I’m getting less luck. So bans happen pretty frequent. Having to go through a phone kind of defeats the purpose of scaling efficiently. I could make them myself anyways then since it takes me just as long. I’d love to know how to properly bulk add and warm up accounts without having so frequent bans. What am I missing here?

Thank you!

bad time to do this dude.
put on JV and don’t start tool for 2-3 days
start story view
start like slow speed and increase by 1 daily
after a week start follow very low 1-10 and increase by 1-2

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It’s actually the perfect time to do so. At least I am doing so since I’m almost back at full speed again.

So can you elaborate on your test results of buying and warming up accounts?

Warming up an account with +1-2 follows per day is like banging your tinder match after 100 dates.

There is nothing wrong with a slow and proper warm-up but this settings won’t get you anywhere. How do you want to test your settings, amount of actions, time between operations, number of actions per operation, the accounts itself etc.? A warm-up with an increase of +1-2 follows per day won’t avoid issues, they will just come later. Try to find the real pattern.

Better buy accounts from different sellers or when you create them yourself try different creation methods and different proxies and settings. Then you will know what works for YOU and YOUR setup.


I hoping to hear some succes stories with bought accounts though. I realise making them yourself is better which i’m currently doing. It’s just beyond boring and also time consuming to avoid traces. I guess in the meantime I’ll just buy a second used phone that i can factory reset.

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You have to break them in, but once they get going and the trust score increases then you should be good. At least that’s what happened in my case :wink: .