How to watch instagram stories WITHOUT ADS!

Here’s a quick trick to make Instagram more enjoyable!

Instagram stories are spammed with an advert every 3~ stories, Here’s how to watch them without them.

Before you start saying it won’t work since ads are hosted on Instagram’s servers, give this a try.
It’s super simple, and doesn’t require you to do anything other than change the way you watch stories.

So when you go into IG, you tap on a story and start swiping forward to see the next story. We’re all accustomed to watching stories that way, what if I told you to think the other way around?

Go in and scroll through the row of stories, click on one of them, and instead of swiping forward to go to the next story, swipe backwards, and POOF, the ads are gone!

If you prefer watching them in the normal order, no worries, just click on a story, swipe back as far as you want to go, then go through the story feed normally by just tapping.

Since we accessed the story by going backwards, this means they loaded without an ad, tapping forward to get back to them won’t bring an in.

Note if you swipe down and go back into the story ads will reappear, so try to do it in one go.

It might not be the way your used to do it, but you’ll get used to it after a while. I personally just swipe backwards though and have gotten used to it.



Ha ha nice trick :smiley: I wonder how much you didn’t like ads so that you came up with this solution :smiley: interesting stuff, I might try it at some point since I still like to see some ads when I swipe through stories on my personal IG account :smiley:

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I hate them, they come up every 3 posts which is ridiculous! I wish they made an instagram PRO subscription or something that removes ads, like youtube premium. I’d be the first to subscribe.

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Nice one Hadi, thanks mate.

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Thanks a lot. :grin:

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