How to win on Instagram in 2019 strategy

2019 is all about authenticity, what does this mean?

Let me explain It is quite simple people love to see both the ups and downs!

Because this is something your followers can relate to, we are all humans and all of us are playing the same game and this game is called life.

So when you begin to use your story more often, like a diary, people will begin to follow you because they can relate to you and if you share both your wins and losses they can see them self in you and they start to think if you can overcome them the though situations so can they and their thrust rate in you raise.

Another major factor for winning on Instagram in 2019 is engagement it is simple to use the tools in Instagram to ask questions to your followers to figure out how you can serve them best and bring them the freest value

This will also benefit you when it comes to the Instagram algorithm because you are actively engaging with your followers

You should also set up polls to figure out what content you should produce and research your competitors and other influencers in your niche to figure out what kind of content there is performing best!

And use this as an inspiration when you are creating your own content, but with your own personal twist

When it comes to hashtags use Hasatory or Flick to figure out what hashtags there is performing best, another major key is tag big brands and small city’s if you follow this guide I can promise your chance of succeeding on Instagram in 2019 is in favor our.