How would one go about tailoring the device id to the client’s specific smartphone?

I read a thread recently where one of the users is extracting that info to tailor the device ids of his users in J, I understand if it’s an Android phone it’s easier because there’s an app for that, but what about iPhones? (Most clients use them…)


Curious about that too if anyone has an answer :point_up:

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Yeah I read it too and didn’t understood what I’ve to do.
I thought I had a problem, I’m happy to share it with somebody else :joy:

At a glance.

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good one … sending User Agent and Device ID from an Apple Device while Jarvee is simulating Android… :smiley:

Where does Jarvee state that it simulates an android? Also what’s the difference between the Android and IOS Instagram experience?

Let me correct you here, most of the mobile devices are running Android. Of course there are some regions where they are closer together and some where even iOS is in front.

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asked their support team. further more you can change the Embedded Browser User Agent to iphone but if you try to add an apple one into the API User Agent Jarvee won’t take it.

Thanks for the info. Do you have a viable workaround to suggest to @runninx77?

for my point of view this won’t help anyway (dispite the few days in the beginning like if you reset device ID).

two points why i don’t see that it will work.

  • lots of normal Instagramers are using their accounts from more than one device so or so without any issue. Think for example of Business Accounts often more than one person have the business ACC on their phones

  • We did some tests with ACC that are pretty old and where not logged in for a while on a phone and entered it in J4 after a while => Compromised We even have accounts that where created through j4 and where only running there => Compromised :smiley:

They always say there software does not leave any fingerprint but i do think it does - my suggestion is that Instagram is detecting as a bot cause of missing mouse / touch / scroll movements


Agree with you. I think that the biggest factor is that there is no active camera. I’m fairly certain that Instagram uses the camera to read facial micro-expression data (they probably also record without permissions anyway, who knows). So if it’s off the entire time, that could potentially be a huge turnoff for the algorithm.


curious aswell to see if i can connect my iphone

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