How would you build an account for a new website?

I have a lot of experience with M/S over the years but this time I honestly just want to keep it simple-- looking to launch an IG presence for a new startup.

Would you:

  1. Register your own account and warm it up
  2. Purchase an existing account with 10k+ followers and change the details
  3. Buy an aged account with a small number of followers and grow that

I’ve been attempting IG with an older account with 8k followers, but it seems to have been shadow banned. One recent post received just one like. So I am really thinking of just starting from scratch rather than risk a bought account.


I would go with #1 and start fresh

I would go with #3. Buy an aged account with a few hundreds followers. It would make more sense than having an aged account with 10k followers.

Aged account with a good number of followers will be better.