How would you teach a young person about internet marketing?

My 23 year old son has expressed an interest in starting an online business. Since I’ve been doing it for close to three decades, you can imagine how supportive I am of the idea.

He wants me to teach him how to get started but here’s the problem – I know so much and have been doing this for so long that my “beginner’s mind” is pretty much a distant memory. I’d like to take it slow with him and not overwhelm him, and I want him to really understand concepts like value, messaging and finding your niche. I also want him to learn the mindset basics that lead to success. And I want to do ith without bombarding him with all the info I have in my head.

So, I’d love to hear your opinions about the books, courses, videos, authors, experts, etc. that you’d suggest offering to a total newbie to help them get their feet planted and ready for success. I want to take it one step a time with him, so let’s begin at the absolute beginning.


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what nice thing , i think you better give him some books to start with while talkin with him about your decisions and strategies and why you did this and did not otherwise and the best of all is to pull him in with you by starting something that both of you are passionned about

good luck to him and to you too

As a kid myself (younger than your son), doing internet marketing, I’ve had lots of friends who’ve seen my Stripe/PayPal balance history, or a big Instagram account of mine, and express a huge interest, but when they ask me how I do it, they switch off/don’t fully understand what I’m talking about.

When people ask me how to get tons of likes on Instagram for example, because I’ve been doing it for so long, there’s no way I can think of to simplify it, all I can do is explain the Instagram algorithm which they don’t understand, because to understand that they need to have ground layers of understanding.

What I’ve found it that you can’t teach internet marketing if they don’t know anything at the start. If your son has a real passion for internet marketing, let him take his own direction, watch YouTube videos that he finds, forum posts that he finds ect. because at the end of the day, if you have to teach him the basics, and he can’t go and learn them himself, I don’t think he should be doing internet marketing at all (with no disrespect to your son).

I think what you should do is guide him in the right direction but don’t think you’re doing him a favour by teaching the basics to him, as part of internet marketing is having your own drive and independency to look up and work out things on your own.

Instead, let him go off and do his thing, and then you can discuss the more complex principles of marketing when he has laid out the ground work.

You can provide a tremendous amount of value to him, but you’d be short changing him by spoon-feeding the basics.

From the age of 12-13 I put out 50+ vlog type videos on YouTube but I never really got any traction so I started Instagram theme pages.

I’ve never bought a single course about Instagram marketing in my life, but I put in the work and now I run an agency and several account with over 50,000 followers.

YouTube is a gold mine of value, that goes hand in hand with telegram group chats, forums, LinkedIn networking, ect. It’s all about learning and exchanging value to learn even more.

Get him access into Iman Gadzhi’s Agency Incubator, hands down the best course on Social Media Marketing out there, your son won’t just learn business, he will learn how to grow a business and stay healthy while doing it, it’s honestly impossible to explain the value in this course if I was in your situation that’s what I would do for my son and to be honest you might aswell learn a thing or two, if not more, yourself.

Do you have agency incubator?

Personally, I’d have him start by finding a niche or topic he is passionate about and focusing more on the importance of “content”. I know it sounds cliche…He doesn’t need to be good at the specific one thing, but nurturing a passion to produce will help him stick with it while he accrues “sweat equity” and starts building up a traffic source.

Pushing him to make content, learn essential skills i.e. basics with cameras, photoshop or video editing is the first place I’d start - the software/model isn’t important. He doesn’t need to be an expert software but he needs to have the faculties to produce content. End result is more important than which formula yielded it. IMO, It’s important he learns these skills because these are essential for making content (unless he wants to be a writer).

If he actually enjoys making content, and has a passion/drive to continue producing content, then overtime it will make money.

As Dad, I’d tell him to track leads from the start, make a lead magnet, and show him what’s the best autoresponder, how to setup/use it to market to his list, ect. You can help him with the “tags”, email marketing, website setup, retargeting ads, automation on Instagram account, ect.

You really do learn Internet Marketing by doing, but when I got started I used to sell in person and idk how I did that all the time. What changed the game for me was content because it consistently brings traffic every min, day, month, and sometimes even years.

If he wants his niche to be “internet marketing”, I still think you should push him to make content. Youtube kids document their experiences and blow up. I’d have him pick one thing, and document and be as honest as possible. This will help build a strong audience that trusts you.

Funnel users from:
YT + IG -> List/FB group

Then sell them a high ticket digital course lol.

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Do you have agency incubator?