How you edit published posts with Jarvee?

Just started testing Jarvee… it looks like they dont support editing of already published posts… at least that what their support told me…

For example if you published post and found typo in caption or want to change hashtag or other text.

Even in their browser mode there is no simple option to edit like there is on IG mobile app… but i dont want to log from some account on my mobile if that acc on jarvee is using proxy…

So how are you handling this issue?

Go under the “Manage Comments” tab.

From there you should be able to see your posts on the left hand side. If you choose the post you want, you will see a list of the comments, as well as the post caption and the option to update caption.


Thanks! Unfortunately just got my IG account disabled before any edits made.

Lucky it was only test aged acc i bought from acc seller with low quality proxy. I used jarvee 24 hours before it went down.

Changed profile pic, changed username twice, full name twice, and added bio, deleted 1 old post, scheduled and published new posts, some got published twice so was deleting them… follow unfollow and like settings where low… followed some 200 within day…

Any ideas what i done wrong here so i avoid losing my main or clients accounts, and is it worth sending anything on contact form to IG?

Not to sound rude, but basically you just did everything wrong that you possibly could.

When you buy an account (spam account, low quality whatever) change the user and password on it. Add it to a quality proxy and wait a day depending on the account quality and proxy quality.

Then there’s this:

If you just added an account, changing all that, that many times is asking for it. I rarely get PV’s on my spammy accounts, but I notice that changing the bio etc is a big no no. If you do change it, change it all at once and then do nothing with the account. Also, stop all actions for a few hours before at least.

Publishing and deleting posts, duplicate posts etc and following 200 per day on a fresh account is a big no no. It has nothing to do with JARVEE.

Client accounts have High Trust (usually) so once you add them to JARVEE you should start low. Much lower than 200 per day for the first day. I try to have a 2 week warm up period and I let the clients know that the first 2 weeks they won’t see much in the way of anything.

Absolutely. And if you get it back, don’t mess with it for a few days. Set JARVEE to do things view stories, like comments on your posts etc and don’t follow or unfollow etc.

If you don’t get it back, never use that proxy again. For any reason. From what we all know, it basically flagged that IP.

For client accounts, buy a proxy from @HenryCooper, @Digital7Boy, @mindeswx or @PrestigeProxies. You don’t have level 2 access so send them a DM (sorry guys).

They all have high quality mobile proxies that will help. Unless you have the skills or money to create your own mobile proxies or Raspberry Pi proxy, this is the best way to go. Sure it costs more, but always safeguard your client accounts!


Yeah i get it i been stupid and messed up…

This acc was whitehat and never used… as far as i been told by acc seller…

Now they (FB) ask in email to send photo holding paper with some code so they can deactivate account… has anyone made this work and got IG acc back?

Also in email inbox i found several emails saying i was logged from US… seems like amazon aws ips… and the proxy i got was in EU… is it possible that Jarvee didnt use proxy while i was using their embedded browser to log?

Yes it works, but you can (and should) use a photo from someone else since this is a low value test account.

The emails saying you were logged in from U.S., are they at the same time as the account was being used?

When you use the EB, use the one that is either directly from the profile, or attached to the proxy. If you open a regular browser on your AWS, then it would show. JARVEE will only use the IP of your server if you open one in a blank profile.

But yes, for future reference, when adding a new account to JARVEE, let it sit for a day or two once verified. After that, edit the profile, but you might need to verify again after. Let it sit for another day and do low actions.

Are you sure that you have the proxy attached to the profile?

If you are positive, then reach out to JARVEE support with logs so they can look into it.