How you maintain answer comments

one of my slaves really bubbling 100-200 followers a day, 24/7 likes /comments
since on IG the notification are mixed /likescomm/follows, how you guys maintain answer comments…every hour I have around 10-20
I have to check each post manually :frowning: ?

Are you doing full manual on your slave accounts? I’m running my accounts in Jarvee. There’s Manage Comments tool in Jarvee where I can easily reply to the comments or delete them.

Do you have scraper accounts for slaves accounts?

Yes manually, bot mmm only for recomment? is it good idea?

No idea what scrapper even means …

Yes, you can use Jarvee to either automatically like all comments and reply to each liked comment or reply to those comments manually using the manage comments tool.

Scrapers should be the same as scrapers. When you do this with Jarvee, it’s very easy, you just set everything and Jarvee does it automatically for you and keeps the results for you.

I have alot of respect for jarvee, used to use back in the days MP, but today after so many algorithm changes, bots are jus the biggest mistake you can do, for personal atleast, today no one use bot on main(if anyone do, ill make new and reverse the engagement
positive as much as possible, only slaves who gonna get reckt later

Automation on IG is not easy these days, but there are many of us here who would disagree with you :slight_smile: However, I respect your opinion and everybody should do what works for them :slight_smile:

That really depends on the strategy and what you are trying to do but I am still running my main account on Jarvee and it’s still up and running so…

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