How you manage hashtags for clients?

for niche related # its easy to use them and find trending one,best one to rank on…can take from competitors,explore page… but for post that have some context we need basically to have content for each of the client post to put the exact hashtags adapted to it,wich make it a bit more difficult

example : client is a football team , instead of using niche related # like (#football#messiskills…) it need context like (who scored,opposition team…)

so how you handle situations like this?

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In my opinion, your goal is to make your posts visible on the hashtags, that are being followed by your audience. In the Top posts section, if possible. Therefore you need not be worried if hashtags are closely related to the content.

yea i know the # importance, question is how the # that are more targeted and more about the content itself rather than the niche can be found especially if you have manyclients , one must not rely just on competitors …but go to google get some info on the content find keyword related…and if those keywords have a # that is having some interest we use it

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Then you go for more general hashtags within the niche. And a bit of precise ones in case they post about that stuff.

Don’t over think it.

Also, depends what kind of service you’re offering them. A one shot hashtag service? Or one every week?

That way, you can adapt how deep you go for the hashtags.

For me, I go a more general approach and offer bits of precision so they’d hit their hashtags from different angles.

Good luck.

Hashtags (like people) don’t matter much alone. They work in combination. Some of them you need to gain enough reach, others to get closer to your specific audience. Therefore there hardly could be one answer for all cases. In some cases you need more general hashtags, on other cases you have to use hashtags from a close niche, or even from adjacent interests.