How's that even possible? Blue Badge with 900 followers

Hello guys!
I was just scaping trough the comment under the photos of Cristiano Ronaldo and i found this account commenting,
so i just went in and click and:

How does it possible? Also he follow one person, and it is an other account with 800 followers with blue badge :o lol

Getting a blue badge doesnt require having many followers. We have another thread (see link below) where we discussed that. We found accounts that had less than 500 followers (:flushed:) and got a blue badge, e.g. this one:

Link to the thread:

Yeah, but as you can see, this person has 3 pictures, i can agree with energystuttgart, because is a Radio Station, but this guy is selling his verified account, with 3 pic, just stupid pic i will say…

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They could of verified with more followers and posts and deleted them

LOLz just saying. I work for a huge company, and part of my 20minute job a day is posting to their HR social media. We have an instagram with ~50ish followers and 8 post(we stopped posting to IG cause its useless atm). I got it blue ticked in 45 minutes by just calling our client solution partner at Instagram…

Like when you’re a company, and you just pay for ads for a while, you get a client account manager. And they’ll do all the stuff you want.


Hey @endl3ss ,

Any chance you could send me a pm or write to me on telegram (@stevensteven) ? I’d love to discuss something with you. I promise I won waste your time and you won’t be disapointed …

I can’t find how to dm you myself, sorry. It’s probably because I just created this account just to speak with you and the dm option isn’t available…

Hope to hear from you

is this legit

No… :unamused:

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Sounds like you have a very good one :sweat_smile:
A good friend of mine works in PR of a German company that spends 10-30k every months on Facebook ads and it’s not that easy for them to get the blue badge. It’s definitely not just asking and boom…

I had to go round in circles to get one for a well known client in the UK. The agent wouldn’t tell me what the issue was, but in the end seemed like it was because they already had a joint account with another celeb and this one had to clearly make them out to be an individual (even though it was again based around multiple people) so now the username is the group and the name of the account is the individual

We spend 3million a year :slight_smile:

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Then this might make a difference :crazy_face:

money talks baby

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So what happens if you click on the link on the bio of Ian_sagdal? Do they instantly get you password to your bank account, your wife and run away ? Looks like a huge scam to me.

I think being verified is really not about the amount of followers anymore but just the likeliness of your account being impersonated.
I have a photography account with 250K and great engagement that i cant manage to get verified. I applied two months ago via the app and it was rejected. Said my account didn’t meet the criterias.

Just applied again this morning to see if i get more luck this time. I added my full name, location and website in the bio and next to my passport picture i added 8-9 links of press related to me or my photography.

I’m hoping that the employee who will review my application will be kinder than the previous one because to be honest it feels like that’s what it’s about now. I have photographers friend who got th badge for no reason at all! No press, no risk of being impersonated. I guess it’s just the employee on that day liking their profile.

I will let you know if i get any luck, although I’m afraid to miss the notification since i get to many per hour.

Good luck to me !

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By the way the googled Ian Sagdal. He’s a pro baseball player probably got his account hacked. Will be fixed in 48 hours probably. This happens all the time. The hackers seem to target small baseball and tennis players, and then they have a few hours to try to make money off of the account they hacked… stay away