[HowTo] Delete A Topic That You Created

##Did you create a topic and now you want to delete it?

###Well, I have some good and bad news!

You cannot delete your own topic unless you have a trust level of 3.

You can contact a forum admin to delete your topic by sending them a private message or by tagging them in your topic (@Username) and stating you would like them to remove your post.

###Here is a list of users who are level 3 or higher:

##How To Tell If You Have A Trust Level Of 3 or Higher?
You can confirm if you have the trust level 3 by Clicking Here and scrolling down to where you see Basic, Member, Regular, Leader. If you see a green check besides Regular, or Leader you are level 3 or higher and have the ability to delete your own posts.


I just checked level 3 requirements. I can dare say nobody is going to reach it. :laughing:

Hahahaha, someones never heard of optimism :slight_smile:

I am sure people will reach it :smiley: I was thinking of maybe adding a new incentive to it, maybe something long the lines of a free mp subscriptionor something :smiley: will be thinking more about it.

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Candy. You can never go wrong with candy…:heart_eyes::lollipop::dango::candy::lollipop::candy: