[HOWTO] Infinite Profile Description

If you consider yourself to be better with words than you are with pictures, then this might be the thing for you.

I was browsing my IG accounts as usual when suddenly I stumbled upon this:

Looks like a regular Instagram account, correct? Nope. When you visit her profile from a mobile device this is what appears:

I present to you

The Strange Case of Mayara Furtado

Unaware of what she came across she used this discovery to write some shitty poetry; but we forgive you Mayara Furtado, because you’ve opened our eyes to infinite possibilities.

The incredible thing is that her link works both in mobile and on the browser. In the browser this is the URL:


She is an affiliate on Hinode, a pyramid company. What I think is going on is that her link does register her “ref”, but send whoever clicked it to their 404 page. However their 404 page is their store.

When I tried to also add a text with paragraphs and etc to my own profile Instagram says the website is invalid. Both in the browser and in app. There must be something I am missing. I’ve contacted the girl to try to learn how she did it. Still now reply. If anyone has any idea how she did it, I believe this would be an awesome asset in profile creation.

I’m stupid and she just told me she used the Address field to write the text. ROFL. I love how I took this so serious while it was just something simple.

Basically you can write whatever you want in the Address Field. That’s an interesting idea if you want to write a short description of your business.