Http proxies doesnt work with embeded?

I bought proxies from highproxies and it’s shitproxies … they are http … srsly such a high price for http proxies ?? (mad)

But the question now is , i cant enter IG with them… so embeded wont work with http or what ? or i should replace them all with somewhat “Instagram” proxies ?

Ok so i’ve read some and looks like they dont actually work with instagram so might be giving them away

How many have you purchased ? :slight_smile:

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20 , it’s not much but as a starter it sucks to see money melting and nothing moving
will try them on facebook , maybe it’ll work with that shit.

Try their support, they might give you a refund towards IG proxies.

their IG special seems rly pricey. What proxies do u use for IG ?

The ones I use I can’t divulge. If you are using them for CPA they are not a good choice. If you are using them for managing others accounts, I would recommend them (highproxies).

i do want to use them for cpa… need to do reaserch on these eh…

and it said 16 social profiles but now it’s only 2 fb for more i have to buy something… done for today… f it… back to free tools i guess ;/

Yes you get 16 total profiles across all that they offer. Still worth it though. Start small, test, then scale. I wouldn;t buy 20 more proxies, 20 accounts, and all that. See if it works for you then expand as you get comfortable. Search the forum young padawan…

i wanted to get on 1 social media spectrum like IG and keep it that way until i make stable profit and sort everything out but now either i have to use all of the social media accounts and low count of them , buy mp premium or use free tools. Well :poop: happens.

Did you not factor in the cost of everything before you invest? And if you’ve done proper research, you wouldnt end up whee you are right now.

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well it’s obvious , was too concerned about the niche to pick and targeting , all the technical looked simple after reading a bit. Well as i said , shit happens.