Huge drop for story views

hii friends
in the passed 5 - 7 days i having a HUGE drop gor my story views
its append to you to?

no, I did not get that on any of my accounts. did you change anything in your content? or did you have any followers drops? you might be having some kind of a ban.

I got the same, any idea already what might be the reason?

i think it because some service i use
i use a views service for my story’s and video posts for 1 month

and now i having this problem :man_facepalming:

what do you think is the reason in your case?
and when it start for you ?

Oke where did you took this service?
The funny thing is, i didnt use any service or anything on my account.

its a clean account…

I would understand if you’ve been using some service like porianl because that can cause some shadowban issues, but in your case, maybe some of your followers accounts got disabled.

@sesernets the service is stop working now
(the same time my story’s get the drop down)
they said its because IG changed the algorithm now and everybody have this story dropping now
they offer some different services now
but i don’t going to try it

@sesernets do you see someone getting this shadow ban? and do you think it going to get fix soon ?

Still i got the probem with my story drop.
What kind of different services do they offer?