Huge Drop in ER & Followers

Hey folks,
I dont know where to start tbh…
I have a cartoon/ comic page that was doing well two weeks ago, but all of a sudden ER drop massively
and some days later I started losing followers. Am I shadowbanned? - I am appearing under hashtags (checked with another acc that doesnt have a connection in any way) - How can you detect if someone orders you panel stuff to your acc? I will put some screenshots below




I had the same problem. I was running a very popular anime page for a new anime broadcasting in Japan and US. I was the first account showing up in the search and by far more followers than any other page related to this show. I believe the second closest page had 15K less than my page. I got 10-15K likes per post, it was crazy and I made 400-700 followers per day without bot just 1-2 posts daily. Then all of the sudden my likes dropped from 10K down to 1-2K in just 1 Day. Yes literally… I stopped making any followers at all. ZERO
I was not showing up in the search bar at all not even if I scrolled through all showing accounts. My page completely died in all possible ways. Story views dropped to almost no views. And everything happened in 1 day. Now I’m loosing followers, currently 500 less than my peak. My account now has 30K followers meanwhile the one who had 15K less than my page is now at 70K followers. I have very good and original content, it’s my hobby and I’m creating a lot for many different pages. My followers love it but it just seems like my page is not showing up to anyone at all. I could never fix it. I never used bots or spammed likes or comments. Just happened :roll_eyes: and then Instagram wants us to believe they don’t play with engagements

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Chill, might just be the holidays :wink:

Ride the wave through both the peaks n the valleys :ocean::surfing_man:

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Hi guys, to to tell you that I’m experiencing the same problems from a week or so.
I run a road racing motorcycle page and all the results are dropping savagely.
The page has stopped growth and it is decreasing by 10-12 people per day.
I am trying to focus on content quality as much as i can but i’m very frustrated.
Happy if someone can help.

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I honestly believe sometimes there is nothing you can do to fight against this drop. As I explained in my other comment Instagram made it impossible to grow. I even tried to shoutout my page with all my other accounts (multiple 100K accounts) was good for nothing. My page died without any chance of revival.
Things you could try

  • Tell your followers in your story and your post to turn on the notification
  • Start having a specific time when you post something so your followers know that you will post in this specific time
  • Try to shoutout your page if you have any other big accounts

Good luck

thanks a lot for helping mate!

Sad to hear bro. I might just start a new page

How does that make sense? As if people stop using IG during christmas or holidays?

For you to be removed from search you must’ve done something wrong.


It also looks like you panicked and stopped posting as often, which only makes your situation worse.


Yep I thought I am shadowbanned and will wait two weeks but still nothing. What can I do to get out of this situation?

if you think that then that is true. for the rest of use we still grow.

nothing lasts forever, not even this kind of growth. Franklly, it’s to early tell however it looks like you posted something not allowed/liked. wait another week or two.


Ok thanks. I didn‘t noticed that a post got deleted but one of my story insightS didn‘t showed up maybe this was the cause. Gonna wait and see

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I was referring to my problem. I don’t know if he has the same as I did

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Sorry I didn’t see the decreasing trending stats… as the others pointed though, most probably content related

My content is the same since a repost in cycles therefore I dont think thats the main cause - and also, I get more likes within 30min than I used to get

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You can still grow. Try fixing your content.

Also, IG might act strangely some days. Wait it out.

BTW I noticed that you didn’t post for a couple of days. That’s the first thing I’d fix.

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Hey Damian, what are you using to check on these follower count? How did you take this Screenshot, in what software. I want to add my accounts like this and see the growth like in your picture too if you can help with info. Thank you very much :blush:


Thank you very much!