Huge engagement dip after posting new style of content and more

Hi, my engagement has been horrible the past week. I started to post new type of content which is understandable that my ER will go down. However, even if I post content of what I used to post now my ER just keeps tanking…

Till today my engagement rate has officially drop to half of my normal ER. I used to get 5000-9000 likes per post now its 2000-3000 even with those good content I normally post.

This is driving me crazy, is there anyway to fix this? I switched to business account from creator account last month and my posts are doing good, until past week it starts to tank like crazy, and under all my post it says this post is performing better than 90% please buy ads which is bullshit.

I’ve also been deleting and archiving my old posts, is this affecting my ER also? Need some urgent help…

Did you notice if maybe number of your followers dropped as well? Since it seems that IG is getting rid of some accounts lately. Maybe this could have some impact.

Yeah I’m losing followers everyday since the engagement drop. However I’m a 100k account so normally I would lose 150 - 200 followers anyway. I’m losing followers in total is because I’m not gaining enough due to the drop, my daily unfollow amount is normal.

well, probably a lot of your followers did not like that change and as Bianca said you might faced some of the IG removing algos, i think you should get back to your old posting system and content, try to engage more with your followers and work 3 time harder to gain new followers and not just keeping the ones that you have.

Loosing followers that fast can also be related to IG deleting them and disabling those accounts.

Can I have more info regarding the IG removing algo? Is it like a bot purging, if that’s the case I don’t have a problem with that at all

What happens is that IG start deleting fake accounts from all IG platform (some times also legit accounts due to some rules that they did not respect) so if you have some of those accounts as your followers you will automatically start losing followers, IG does this process from time to time.