Huge updates in Facebook/Instagram Policy and Rules

Maybe … Maybe all this block and disabling accounts is related to this: If yes how long we gonna be like this?

from my understating they have become extreme strict .

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"People should have clear, simple explanations of how online services work and use personal information. Today we’re announcing updates to our Terms of Service to clarify… "

From my understanding of current events, the conservatives in the US are pissed off at the tech giants for censoring and banning them. So clearer rules seems to be done mostly for appeasing them. The logic goes that clearer rules makes for a clearer playing field. (Twitter also “clarified their rules” recently too)

Yea this could be one reason but another reason is that facebook wants to make more money.

I think what they explain is BS ! they do whatever they want. For example they mention nudity but I see “arousing sexual desire videos” (lol) in instagram everyday. e.g. Worldstart


Interesting information, I’m curious how many days comes to EB.

I’m experiencing some problem in Facebook everyday some pages & groups take long time to upload and most of time are not uploading images!! maybe it’s related to their updates!!!