Human Settings with Automation

Wanted to get people’s thoughts regarding automation settings on Instagram

I’ll be straight up, I’d class myself as a bit of a beginner so forgive me for any mistakes.

However, I feel like the majority of automation settings are the least human looking out there.

The majority of settings involve a decent nightmode (7-9 hrs) and follow/like/unfollow settings that probably do around 10-15 actions every hour.

As a result for the 16 hours or so that the account is active they end up doing one action every 3-4 minutes. Now obviously there’s two things that come to mind when I see this

  1. Actions are so low and spread out throughout the day it’s keeping them well under the radar, which is why people opt for these settings
  2. When I think deeper surely this is even more of a giveaway that automation is occurring. Who goes on their account every 3-4 minutes just to do one action for 16 hours straight.

Would it not make more sense to do actions in a larger grouped pattern where you’re doing around 15 actions in a 5 minute period roughly every 2 hours.The average user goes on around every 2-3 hours and does bulk actions. Not trickled throughout the day. If we want to look human shouldn’t we just apply these settings?

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts because it’s been on my mind for a while. I did try searching the forum, but the majority of new settings apply the typical structure.