I already scraped 7m source and using the account to follow 50 a day ONLY - Do I need more than 1 scraper?

Hey guys,

In your opinion, since I already have the source I need in txt. file, I just add 1,000 users for each child account and only looking to follow 50 a day MAXIMUM.

No likes, no unfollow etc.

Does 1 Scraper in your opinion can work for a single account to do the API actions or that would be too low?


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are your sources filtered, or are they 100% good to go? if you want to filter out no profile pic, private accounts, etc. you will get more calls. regardless, you should have more scrapers. set up with conservative delays, and your scrapers should last a while.

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I have a software that’s a scraper.

It mainly scrapes a username, hashtag, or location and then sorts the content by the parameters you set.

Right now, we’ve been burning through a ridiculous amount of scrapers as Insta is flagging something in the accout creation process I think.

But we have some strong accounts that have done over 4,000 searches and never had a disconnect.

Finding those winner accounts has been difficult however.

If you don’t have use user filters option checked in your main account’s sources tab, one scraper for each child account is enough in my opinion.

Yes, I do not use any filter.
I just add them to “specific source” and that’s it.

However, I noticed my scraper does 900 API calls on a single account which is following 80 only. Am I missing something?


I think you should have at least 2 scrapers for each account just in case one gets API blocked the other one will keep the work going.

but if you are going to use user filters in the future, then you should at least have 3:1 scaper to main ratio.

Thanks Luca! By two scrapers, how exactly I link two scrapers to a single main account? Or you just mean to add scrapers X2 vs the amount of mains.

If so, all the scrapers won’t be linked together? Do I need to set specific time for each scraper etc?

you dont need to link them as long as main is using EB only, and scrappers on API. you need to use a few scrapers per main (2-5) with conservative delay settings. best way to make them last.

When you say “Make them last” do you mean before they are getting the first PV? Or before they are getting banned?

Each scraper I created by hand with 4g proxy and physical sim card. Does it helps in long-run?


There’s a new option in Jarvee called “scrape with the Embedded browser where possible”, checking that option + USE ONLY EB on your main account will let the main account follow using specific users as source without having to use scraper accounts.


I think you should be using one scraper per one main account despite the fact that you are adding users to follow specific user source manually.

I was looking forward to this! It seems like a great option for users that are using the specific users as source.