I am able to follow but getting PV once a week

Hey guys,

I am using my own 4g Network proxy (1 IP = 1 Account)

I know many use up to 10 but one is perfectly fine for me, however I am getting PV once a week (I use real SIM card).

I don’t understand why… What am I doing wrong? I create the accounts with 4G proxy, 1 fresh IP let account, warm up setting for up to a month but still getting PV once a week…

The only thing I can think of is the way I create the accounts which again, doesn’t seems wrong to me and actually very safe.

Anyone have an idea? I really hope to solve this issue…

Thanks in advance!

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My accounts are getting PV once a day and they’ve been running fine for almost half a year now. Believe me, you’re doing good at 1 per week.


It’s totally normally to get 1 PV/week, trust me. Also, once you are botting that account and using it with 4g 1:1 that doesn’t mean that account is bulletproof.

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depending on the amount of accounts you’re running this could be normal or not. Also remember jrv has some fingerprinting issues, I cant find the topic that went into detail on how to make the accounts as clean as possible, but you can probably find it.

You should use Device ID changer when creating accs. https://youtu.be/O8Sv4wunzyk

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Guys, I appreciate all your replies!

However I doubt that 1 PV each week is normal, I own accounts (Before May), that didn’t get a single PV beside one time and they are not even running on 4G proxy.

It also will be extremely difficult to PV over 1,000 accounts once a week :sob: That’s basically my goal and I can reach that very soon but with PV it will be really hard (It will take about 20 hours to confirm all the accounts and that will make things harder)

So nowdays 1 PV each week is normal and there’s nothing I can do about it?

No, I have many accounts that never get PV. I also have accounts that get PV once a day. What I’m saying is it is definetly possible to avoid PVs

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May I ask how you create your accounts? I think it has something to do with that :roll_eyes:

I’ve noticed that accounts on 4g are less stable thus getting pv’s. The older the acc the more stable. Dc proxies on the other hand get less pv’s but more compromised messages. Pick one :man_shrugging:t2:

same here, the older the account the less PV i get.
But there are sooo many factors that goes into this…