I am desperate, I need support on the activity of scraping

On my website I carry out various scraping actions towards instagram, in particular I request the following information:

  • photo gallery of an instagram profile

  • list of people who have commented on a photo

  • list of people who have liked a photo

My system is governed by:

  • 1 4g vodafone proxy with IP rotation every 5 minutes

  • 100 accounts for scraping with max activities of up to 5 minutes per account

From 2 days, all accounts have dropped, I have been trying to replenish the list with new accounts, but shortly after I have the following error:
Response code is 429. Body: message => rate limited;

From website:

wait a few minutes before trying again

I am desperate, I no longer know how to solve the situation, does anyone have ideas on how to solve the problem?

Thanks for your time!!

If Instagram returns to ‘wait before trying again’, we recommend indeed waiting for about a day or two before trying the actions…

the “burned” accounts are recoverable you say?

I don’t think burned accounts are recoverable especially if you’ve used bad-quality accounts to scrape. I was able to recover one account that I used for scraping but it was 2-3 years old and had about 2k followers.

The accounts are of good quality, I just don’t know what that message stands for. Too many API calls?