I am impressed with this Adware that infect my computer

It has bypassed 3 different antivirus scanner. Wow. I am going to use even more antivirus scanner

Which 3 scanners?

Advast, Malwarebyte, SuperAntiSpyware

Try S&D Search and destroy

Ok i will try it

Did you try turning it off and on?


Heyooo! Found the IT guy.


Honestly, nothing beats a good old Safe Mood boot with Networking and some ComboFix + RKill, followed with a glass of S&D or MBAM, but to each his own. Though I realize ComboFix doesn’t work with win10, if that’s what you’re on, you can try something else like this or AdwCleaner.

I was known as the virus master in college, but things were a bit easier back then, Win 10 makes it more complicated.





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Did you do the murders?

I did not not do the murders, not really.

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Update: it seems like I am losing in this battle against Adsware. I try to manually delete dll files and as a result my computer is unable to boot up :persevere:
Lesson learnt: never mess with Windows dll files

Why not restore from a backup?

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I don’t use Backup. I do save important file on Google Drive though

Another update: i just ask a Technician to fresh install Windows 10. Luckily while I can say goodbye to my Old C: file, my D: file is not deleted. Hooray!! :slight_smile: And I just mass migrate my files from C to D last month (Not because I anticipate for this obviously but because my C drive is almost full)