I am looking for big english groups


I am looking for “big” english groups (50k+ members).

Why? I speak german and I do not find good english groups because my language is german (on facebook settings). If I register my account in english language I get a “bann” suddenly… So please help me and share your groups with me :slight_smile:


“bann” as in ban, your account gets banned?


i registered english account = ban (verify account)
i registered german account = works

thats new. never faced such issues on my end yet.

what happens when you change the language after register?

i have lots of language in my country, 4, so i dont see whats the reasoning to be banned if they gave me the choice.

anyway, searching for groups doesn’t have any relation to the language. I can search in all 4 language and the groups always comes up in that language.

i just plugged this in translate “making money” and typed in the groups while im using english facebook.com/search/str/geld+verdienen/keywords_groups

no problem at all finding it.

Use a US / UK / CA proxie and all should be ok.

Actually, i never had this issue.

What kind of ban are you getting?

Facebook sometimes likes to check users if some major changes have happen on profiles all of a sudden…

Things like changing birthday, email address, password etc.

It’s their way to combat against users getting their profiles hacked or hijacked etc.

Will you get the verify check from facebook or not depends from the changes that have happen to your profile recently (it can be a few different things that trigger the verify check, not just one over a period of time )…

Basically they have systems in place which are monitoring profiles for suspicious behaviour…