I am Looking for story view provider + F/UN

tried 3 providers in the last 3 months, they all were trash - looking for someone responsive, that knows the job.

I am looking for story view + answer questions + answer quiz , sliders , polls etc…
I have 50 clients +
Need to target followers of XYZ with many filters such as user names, names, bio text etc…
fliter by alphabetic letters
Have white lists, black lists, need you to know how to use it

Looking for same thing on F/UN (like as well and some DMS to new followers - I know how to use jarvee myself so if you are not a magician with that, dont offer me jarvee)

I need someone responsive and active - got enough dick heads not knowing how to do their job

need someone who can bring results and not 5 followers a day - not interested on this shit
I got your back on soures - 1 geo, should be easy

I dont bring proxies, do not use trash tier3 proxies, shared proxies, or anything like that, only top qulity mobile proxies, dont shave it from my clients.

Will use paypal ONLY, willing to pay 35$-40$ per client
PM with details

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Check your DM’s buddy, let’s work that out.


@Itsyourtime Please will you send me a dm as well. Looking for one of these myself

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Sure @rynie check your private messages. Cheers

i can provide the whole panel at a good cost lets contact :slight_smile:

only live chat skype or whatsapp

dm me too please

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I did buddy @charliecharme check your private messages.

Got 30+ clients for now still looking for good solution

Still looking ?

Check DM. Sent you details.

its SMM… how does it help me?

got 40+
still looking for good responsive provider.

dont play around, ready to start tomorrow

50+ clients, still looking for good provider that can bring the results.

If after almost 3 months you didn’t find anyone here, i would suggest you to try & learn, it’s not “that complicated” right now to automate this on JV

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You stole the words from my mouth. The original post is from 2018!

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Those are some patient clients!

I sent you a DM @Mr.BTC

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I am not falling for this Trap

Oh I know how to do it.
Clients been working every day, not waiting for some magic, results not what we want.
Got 2 providers right now working with me.

Post is from 2020 april.

got around 40 clients ready to be transfered