I am menswear fashion/street wear blogger looking to grow


I am fashion men’s blogger on IG looking to organically grow my Instagram faster. I use automation with the help of another person but is there other ways I can grow my following and engagement ? Maybe with shoutouts in my niche if anyone is offering that.

Please let me know if you can help!

Thanks Scott


go for shoutouts and giveways ( if u want cheap stuff )

Know anyone doing shoutouts in my niche?


I have experience in both my ig profile and some influencers from the same niche, so I think I can help you with some contacts!

Pm you!

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Yes, shoutouts and giveaways could work great in your case :slight_smile: I noticed that giveaways shared between influencers from the same niche work great for followers growth! Let us know did it go!

Yeah I just need to find some offering shoutouts and giveaways in my niche!

if possible try raffles :wink: my clients working great with this method.

Can you explain raffles? Never heard of this method and do you offer it?

here u go

Link doesn’t work

if u want cheap way, go for Direct messages

@StayStyled can definitely help you. Not only regarding growth, I know this is the niche he knows better than anyone else. Ask him about mother/slave.

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if you want to grow organically then first you have to stop using automatons on Instagram that’s what I suggest

create content that your audience might be interested in engage with them more in the stories

also do shout4shout out works good

you will start see see from 20 to 60 and more followers a day

but if you have been using a robots more

I think you will not get results well
I have tried this for many account for my clients doing the management

so make sure you follow the rules

This is completely false.

Automation is just a tool.

Followers growth can be automated.
Engagement increasement can be automated.
S4S can be automated.
Driving website clicks can be automated.
Posting viral content can be automated.
Content performance analysis can be automated.

Automation isn’t the issue.
Instagram isn’t the issue.

How you use it, yes that can be the issue.


if you really want organic growth on Instagram then automation can cause your account got many followers
that are not going to engage with your page for sure I’m telling what I have experienced for managing many account of Instagram from my clients some I started them from scratch others I got them before they used robots or they purchased them and they got 10k followers but they still ghost followers

automation works for short time then you start realizing that you need more followers to get the engagement or more s4s, you can spend much time working on them but no results cause they didn’t follow you cause they like what you do or your content but because of those robots

so your account will remain ghost followers whatever you will do you will loose the account

Organic is about getting followers from
your content you created and the engagement tricks without bots

other things that can help you it’s not organic and remember Instagram does also not like automation

so you will get more regret from automation for sure

I have seen that with different account bro for sure
don’t regret using bots

no one will tell you the success from them

Please read my post again. It seems like you haven’t paid close attention to what I’ve said.

And please stop generalizing. I’m managing clients which had terrible engagement when we started working together and the engagement increased by 200-300% or even more. Real example: One of my clients started with an engagement rate of 4-5%, now after 1 month it’s around 15-16%.

Again, automation is just a tool. It’s not about the tool, it’s about how you use it. The way I manage the accounts is very healthy as I work with the platform, not against it. That’s one of the reasons why I have almost 0% blocks in the last 2-3 months, even though it’s also caused by Instagram not being that strict anymore, but still, it’s very very low.

Instagram is a company and their No.1 priority is revenue. So if we manage our clients in a way that is increasing the overall engagement of their followers, they will more likely spend more time on the platform = they can display more ads = they have more revenue. Instagram will return the favor and it’s obviously better for our clients in general. We are on the same line on this. But please stop blaming automation for bad results.

I disagree with this,
When you engage with users through automation, your just interacting with target accounts, It’s then up to the target account holder to decide if they want to follow you back or not.

Your not paying the target to follow you, they do it at their sole discretion. If they do follow you back, it means that they find your content interesting, otherwise they just don’t follow back.

They might also unfollow you when you unfollow them, but that means they just followed you for the follow and aren’t really interested in what you post.

If you work with instagrams rules, and don’t spam the platform, you won’t get blocked.

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i will send u a DM