I am mostly getting TL's because of "Unfollowing"

Hey guys, 35 of my Main Accounts are TL right now. which the most of them got a TL because of Unfollowing, and the rest because of following.

These are my Unfollow Settings:

These are my Follow Settings:

Can you find anything here, that could cause more TL’s then it should? I wanted to be sure before I start my accounts again. I would really like to adjust the settings before I run them again.

And I will split the half to run on EB and the other half on API only to see if that will change something.

Thanks for any answer in advance <3

You get TL on client accs? Settings look good to me but why you do After follow actions. I would disable that.

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Getting TL’s on my main accs. I thought doing 1-2 likes a day would be more trusted for insta instead of no liking at all. what do you think?

Well, I don’t do liking as my clients not want it. I work manually on real phone devices F/U only and no TL, I can’t say for JV, but I would stop doing that, then see if you get TL or no.

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I would lower down the limits. Try doing up to 20 follows and 20 unfollows a day, 1 action per hour, until those TLs stop. How many accounts are you running per proxy?

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running 1 4g proxy per account sir, thank you for your answer!

Are you running them on Full API when you get blocks or EB when you get blocks?

Also have you been getting these just recently this past week or so?

Yes getting these more often for 2-3 weeks now, before that it was really rarely.
And no I never went API before but when i run my Stopped Accounts again I going to run the half of them on API to get some results.


Settings are ok but try to limit more the API calls, you’ll find the API calls made on the list of the account, i suggest to follow and unfollow by EB, disabe OEB and enable fully API emulation.

You find these settings on the Profile of each account.

Its impossible to understand exactly what is wrong on your account, if such amount of accounts falling down probably its something related to the Proxy or similar, specially if you never touch the settings from a while.

Last things, me also have tons of trouble but specially on the UNFOLLOW settings, if i leave the ufollow works alone (to lower the followings for example), this got a TB after 5-6 days; to avoid this i have to turn on also the follow tool on different days.

Cosider also to run a dongle with sim if youre not using a vpn, this is the best way ever to keep all the account alive

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