I am not able to earn something with IG :(

Can anybody give me an advice how to earn money with IG? Looks like nothing work for me. I am in CPA but nobody want to fill surveys. Posisble to do shoutouts but it is impossible if your accounts are banned every second month. Some idea how to earn money with IG? Thx

What is your min/max limits for follow/like/unfollow/comment/DM ?
99,9% probably this is the issue.

How did you add your CPA link in your bio ?
Which method ?

If you added your direct CPA link in your bio, it’s better too just delete these accounts👍

Memes + Teespring or Feminism + Teespring. Good luck, love you.
Preferably try to find a local business that does what Teespring does for cheaper.
Keep in mind shipping costs too once you move to a local business.


Or start an ecommerce ( dropship ) and you can start+search from your chair. No need to search for local business. Tbh aliexpress+free world wide shipping nobody can beat that ( local businesses ).


Thanks, this was a really great idea. I will definitely try this in a few weeks. Maybe I will write later how is it going. :+1:
Edit: @MPrules did you ever try dropshipping? It sounds (googled it) more complex than teespring.

Yes, thousand of product can deliver without you know how it works. From 1000 targeted account must be 1 will buy from you.

How many hours did you spend daily on your IM adventure?


I never get tired of your GIF magic. hahaha

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you should try teespring i will get some bucks better than nothing. if done right you will be satisfied by your result.