I am NOT getting verification codes from Instagram

I am NOT getting verification codes from Instagram to my phone number. And this start happening 2-3 months ago. Is anybody here who can help me. every week most of my accounts needs to be phone veryfied. What part do i doing wrong. PLEASE help me

Today seems that they have problem with their system.


Really? this happens to you too?

Yes with a physical sim that never been used on IG before.

SO strange(( …

Are you tying from your phone app as well?

Sounds like I’ve picked a good day to start getting into IG :smiley:

I get that on Facebook all the time, particularly during login. FB tells me that they will send a Confirmation Code to my SIM. I sit and wait and code never arrives. Even if I repeat the request etc. I found on google lots of regular folks complaining about the same problem.

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I’d had that before for Facebook with virtual numbers, like TextNow or for SMSPVA, but I assumed that was because numbers were abused. I’m surprised that’s happening with regular real SIM numbers.
Do you end up managing to overcome it?

I haven’t found solution for it, apart from trying to avoid it. I register my SIM first thing on the newly bought acc. That reduces a risk.

If it happens, I just drop the account and get a new proxy.

Try a different number if you are not getting the code for a long time. I even had problems with a completely new sim card- 2nd number usually worked - sometimes it took 3rd number(I always got the code after the 2nd or 3rd try). If you are getting a lot of PVs every week then there’s most likely something wrong with your settings or proxies.