I can not get pv code

I do not know why, I just buy some SIM code for PV. They were working fine like 2~4 times, then I can not get PV code anymore. And I am sure the SIM codes are verify, they could get other code. They still could get ins sign up PV code, but they could not get PV code anymore. That is strange. Anyone know why is this happened? And how to solve this?

As a guy who runs PV with a team… this happens a lot with instagram, you just have to wait it out or try resending the code 2-3x then it will come

thanks for you help, but it seems not working for us. We put the problem phone accounts rest a week, they still can not get the PV code.

if all else fails, just change the number

We just bought these phone numbers like two weeks, and they cost some money. If that possible, I hope there is a way could get them to work.

Good signal? How long are you waiting before resending?

yes, anything was great. My other phone number can get pv code at same smart phone. I tried lots of resending time, did not see different. They just can not get ins pv code anymore.