I can’t log in to my account

Can someone please help me. I was able to access to my instagram account yesterday but after i refreshed it, it says error and keeps asking me about a confirmation codes which i can’t answer. Because number 1, the email is deleted in yahoo mail (i don’t know why. Maybe because it’s old and i don’t use it anymore). Number 2, the phone number doesn’t exist anymore and i don’t use it since 2013. It’s really my account and i still know the password and everything but instagram is kinda annoying and keeps saying error. It keeps asking me for the confirmation codes. I’ve done emailing them and they just ask me to take a picture if it’s really my account. After i sent them, they just say reset my password. AND YEP, IT DOES NOTHING!!! Doesn’t help with the problem. Keeps asking me about codes. I know the yahoo mail connected to my instagram but also when i tried signing in at yahoo, it also says that my account doesn’t exist. OH GOD.

Does your Yahoo account end in @yahoo.com? Last time I had an issue with my Yahoo email, I contacted them through https://help.yahoo.com/kb/report-abuse-spam-yahoo-sln26401.html by clicking on Report it to Yahoo Directly. You can try to do the same. Hopefully they can help you access your email again.

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yes, you must find a way to get your email back because IG will just keep asking for verification codes no matter what you send them.

Yahoo deleted my email because it says that i’m not active there. But i already messaged them and still waiting for a response but still got nothing.

yeah, that’s the issue, if you can get that email back you should be able to verify the account, just keep emailing them and see.

Yeah, if IG is asking Email verification of you then you’ll probably not be able to retrieve your account without a valid Email attached to the account. My suggestion is to be persistent with Yahoo until they give you your account back.