I can't buy accounts - payment method not accepted

I want to buy accounts from a russian provider and the only payments method are : these

I tried to pay with credit card, but I get “credit card not accepted from your country”
I tried to make an account on perfectmoney but minimun deposit its too high
Payment with Webmoney WMZ its not available atm
And I never worked with bitcoin before. I heard that I need to exchange USD to bitcoin or something like that. Is someone who worked before with bitcoin that can help me with my issue ?

Thank you.

Get account here:

You should be able to use it to pay with bitcoins. It’s not that hard.


You know, you can maybe/probably/at least be more descriptive in your title and post it in the right subforum ???

Please show some good example for the newbs as a senior here.

You should be thankful some of us are more forgiving *cough waste time clicking into new threads *cough in that aspect.


implying you have paypal use this link in the future for all purchases -

You have to get authorized first (because they were getting lots of refunds)
but it’s not so hard, just have to wait a couple of hours

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Amen to that, edited the title and moved it where it should be - it had nothing to do with Mass Planner and Instagram…

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