I Can't create New Instagram Accounts

I’m currently in Vietnam and I cannot create new Instagram Accounts.

When I do it says something went wrong please try again later.

I try sign in with the new details I just created and it says that my account has been disabled?

I tried on 3 other laptops while I am here and they all have the same problem.

I changed my laptops MAC address and used different VPN’s so Instagram couldn’t detect it was coming from the same IP or MAC address when creating new accounts.

Has anyone run into this problem?

Do you think it is because I am trying to sign up in Vietnam?

I have the same issue. I was using my Internet USB stick to change 4G IP or my dynamic IP for account creation until few weeks ago but now I am getting the same thing as you.

Same with Rediff emails and google emails.
Same with 3 different home IP’s that never had accounts created on them.
Same with VPNs.
Same with different device ID’s.
Same with different browsers.
Same with all combinations of the above.

Sometimes I can create one or two accounts and then that happens.
And I was keeping it safe. Clearing cache and cookies, changing device IDs and not making more than 2-3 accounts per IP.
I was creating accounts like that for over a year now, somewhere between 300 and 400 accounts made.
Most of them never even got PVAs.

I am trying out different stuff trying to find a solution other than buying accounts because I have full control over these and I assume they have higher trust score if I make them.

So far I have figured out nothing. If anyone can chime in with some idea, it would be great.

it is simple. Use 3g modem, FF in private mode and iOS user agents.

But new reg accs are useless. sms verification often and high ban rate.

Maybe its because your devices location
i mean 10 people cant be at the same location at the same time :slight_smile:


ty VM work station

I was doing that :slight_smile:
And in my experience, they were really good :slight_smile:

@ierf499 I tried from home PCs at another country and got same results

@surveycp I guess I could try that, why not…

How to create 100% solid IG accounts:

Things you need
-Rooted Android Device
-Device ID Changer App
-Mail addresses (you can buy mail.ru addresses for very cheap)
-4G-3G cellular data on your Android Device


  1. Delete all the cache from your Instagram App
  3. Change Device ID with Device ID Changer App
  5. Turn ON Cellular Data
  6. Go to Instagram App and create your account with email
  7. Profile your new account
    [tip. If you want to let them age which is better, just put profile picture and some random words in the bio with the link of some random facebook page or another Instagram, just put link already on the profile!]
  8. Log out of the account
  9. Turn OFF Cellular Data
  10. Begin with step 1 for a new account.​

Why Cellular Data?
Because every time you turn it off and back on you got a new IP address. At least that’s how things work in my country lol.

Why Device ID Changer?
Because you can’t create more than 4 or 5 accounts per one device. I like to keep it safe and create each account with each Device ID.

Why Rooted device?
So you can change Device ID with an app. Btw maybe you can change it without app, but since I’m retarded for this kind of tech things this is what I’ve done and it worked for me.

How strong are those accounts?
Just like regular ones lol, if you start to bot them on the first day don’t expect much from it.I let them age for at least one month before I start warming them up for spamming!

Why putting links?
I don’t know it’s just my logic if you put the link of some strong site in it Instagram won’t block you but will remember that you have a link in bio and maybe not bother you later when you change to another. This is only my logic, maybe stupid maybe not, but it’s working for me.

All credits go to SpawneR from BHW :wink:


Thanks for the great in-depth share!

I am preparing to make some accounts with this method. Do you know if there’s a way that confirms that it’s appearing as a different phone device? I also have Device ID on there which checks and conirms that the IMEI and device ID has changed, but the device build fingerprints is still the same (which lists the android device model). Do you think this is all good?

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And when I try to log in after creating an account it says I was banned for violating the terms of service.