I can't email confirmation

After pressing the button
it nothing happened

How can I fix it?
thank you

It’s a new account?
If yes i’ve got the same issue.
Ask your client to enable the 2F Authentication (say that it’s for his/her securety) after that tray again to login. If it don’t recive the code use the backup code :wink:
P.S. don’t use the EB but API


It’s a old account.
account 2 year

Do you have the 2FA?

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I don’t have 2FA
What is 2FA?

2 fact security.

i have this issue too on many accs.



In Instagram Reddit saw some people with same problem this seems bug, try to contact IG support or wait until they say something

i have many accounts have this problem,i don’t know how to do it now.

This sounds like a good idea! Has it work for you before?

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could they have registered it on another email but forgot?

Yess dude! If they can’t recive a seconde code use the backup codes :wink:

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Is it your own or client’s account? Try to log in using the proxy of country where owner usually use it from

Try putting in wrong password, but with same letters. Example: if password - mama, try putting Mama or MAMA. If it only numbers, change password so it would have letters.

Also a VPN may help. And sometimes it is just a bug and letter will begin sending in 24-48 hours.

Putting in wrong password will get that account verify? :thinking:

I have got several accounts that either did not log in after the confirmation or would not send confirmation email and, crazy as it sounds, it helped.

Funny thing is I noticed that Instagram and Softs have this small/big letters bug after I was not able to log in into account on soft, but only on phone. Then when “can not confirm” situation happened I tryed it and it worked

Lol! Ok I’ll give this a try too😂
If it work I’ll come back there and thank you :slight_smile: