I can't open my instagram account

when i put my email and my password i got this


but this is not my email how can i solve this please

There’s a topic already on this. Have a good search before creating a topic bud

seems like you couldnt find search button in the top right corner

many threads on this topic

all problem i found not like mine
i try to reset password and don’t work
my problem after connecting it show “help us confirm you …”
all problem i found here are before connecting

even i try to connect with facebook don’t work also

and this is not my email i have another email

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The email that shows up there is the email that was used for the creation of the account. You don’t have acccess to it anymore?

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it work,I just changed the phone number on facebook by my current number, so automatically it is changed in instagram
so the secret code received on my phone but (but you have to wait, I changed it at night and in the morning I try to open it I find my number is changed)
because when I created the Instagram account it was linked with facebook with old phone number.