I can't send a post because Instagram assumes it as a spam and deletes it. why?

I can’t send a post and Instagram removes it just after posting.

This is the message by Instagram: “Your post goes against out community guidelines.”

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What to you mean send? Dm?

What kind of post is it? Maybe copyright material?

if IG deletes your post after posting it means exactly what they have said on the message ‘it’s against their community"’ you can change proxies and try again then see how it goes, you share the post with us here or DM and I can try from my side as well and let you know.

Sometimes their algorythm is so good that a caramel cake with a cherry on top is considered as a boob + nipple. Try to remove that cherry, and post again.

I couldn’t post anything and now found the caption was blocked.

thanks and it was because of the caption.my VPN was on and the caption was blocked.

I reported it to the IG and now everything is ok.

I deleted the caption and the problem solved. thanks

a simple image which I used it before.

Did you use the same caption on your other posts ? If you get the same issue again, try logging out of the account, then re-login. It may help solve the issue.

Glad to hear your issue is solved.