I can't upload a video to Instagram

Hello everyone! I'm sorry if it was asked before. I have an Instagram account in the pets meme niche. Actually, I have three accounts in that niche. All three are growing pretty good, good comments and likes. Everything without bots. So no follow and unfollow method. I don't even like or comment much on those accounts.

One day I couldn't upload a video as a regular post. It lasted for 24 hours first time. And my problems started. I post for a couple of days and get block in uploading a video. And once it lasted for two weeks! Afterwards, I uploaded two videos and again, I couldn't upload anymore. So again I'm waiting until Instagram lifts that block. The weird thing, I can post stories, I can like and comment.

After a while the same thing happened to the rest of my accounts. I reported this issue many times to Instagram but they never responded.

I tried all the tricks like posting albums, shorten a video, post without hashtags and so on.
But nothing works. It greatly affected my engagement.

So the only thing is left for me is to wait until I could post again. But there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again after a couple of posts. So my question is how to ensure that the blocks won’t happen at all or not too often? And any suggestions on why I get blocks if I don’t like or comment much? I’ll appreciate any advice.
P.S. All three accounts on same phone and I post 3 times a day per account with 6 hours difference between posts.

Can you post normal pictures?

well there’s too many Factors that could cause this problem ,First of all Are you sure those videos are not violating Instagram’s terms and conditions, being classified as X-rated or violent. Never try uploading such things, because it won’t work. Eventually, if it makes it to the social network, it will be deleted immediately.

try to upload a normal video and see ,if you share sensitive videos that people report you will get in more trouble

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Thanks for reply. I’m not uploading such videos. No x rated and violence. It’s only cute and funny pet videos. And a lot of them get million of views.
And most comments are positive. Of course there is a portion of people who can find something offensive in most innocent videos.

No. I can’t post pictures. With and without hashtags. I can post only to story.

Well this is weird🤔

Have you tried posting a pic as a video? There’s a setting in Jarvee.

I don’t have Jarvee. I used Followliker on and off to boost my account. But after reaching around 15k I stopped using it. And since then the growth was all natural. It’s been half a year without boting.

Right now I have 38 k followers on one account, 30k on second account and 25k on last one. It’s really frustrating after things started getting good with accounts to get this issue with blocks.

I don’t know why I’m getting these blocks. I post via my phone with my 4g internet.
So in theory there shouldn’t be any issue.

Okay, what tool do you use to post?
From instagram app or something else?
Do you use proxy?

I post from my phone and I use an Instagram app to do that. I don’t use any proxy, just my regular internet on phone.

okay, that’s weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

are you unable to post the video on all three accounts, or just one or two?

If I understood correctly, you mention you post every 6 hours on three different accounts, meaning that you post 3 times on different accounts in the space of 1-10 minutes, and then wait 6 hours and repeat, right?

If the above is correct, I feel like the issue may lie in this workflow. I would advise to try and post at different times on different accounts, there are legitimate tools out there that offer free post scheduling :slight_smile:

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Yes, that's correct. I think it might be the issue. I'll try to post in different times.
Thank you for a great tip!

Update to my problem. After some time I was once again able to post. So to keep my accounts safe from future action blocks I put them on different phones. One account per phone. I also made sure that each account has a different phone number for verification purposes. So far everything works fine. Thank you everyone for replays.