I can't upload posts on my Instagram account

My Cardi B fan page is not working, can’t post anything[edit: I can only post videos, no pictures]. The post never posts, even if the upload completes. My account doesn’t violate any terms, and I show non affiliation with Cardi B as required in the Instagram fan page terms and conditions. Instagram.com/iarmcardib
See Video

are u using proxies? main reason you can post only video is the proxy quality

I’m not using any proxies.

you try to reset your ip( if using a phone) ,turn on off airplane mode. then try to post again

Unfortunately it’s still doing the exact same thing. When I switch accounts, I can post both video and photos from the account I switched to not the fan page.

so you are using more accs on the same app and same ip? how many?

I just checked and you posted 1 hr ago? Issue solved?

I’ve edited my posting on here. I can only post videos.

I’ve been logged in with 5 accounts for months now and only use 2, out of the 2, I use 1 more than the other to post. So it’s not any suspicious activity, since I’m using the multi account feature with caution.