I can't verify email on API?

Hi, does anyone has this problem:

  • When I verified using code (API), this always appear a notice


  • And I try to verify on EB, its oke.

  • Then I try to verify account on API it needs a code again.
    Do you guys have the same problem?
    Thank you

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I can confirm this aswell. Any attempt to login via api gives me an EV.
Tested this with other provider and accounts can be verified.

Yep same just tried to EV an account 15 times…

Same for me. It wasn’t always like this, but it has been recently

All accounts added to jarvee today got an EV, I believe this is IG fucking us up again :slight_smile:

Wonder if this is something the team can fix?

I have the same problem with some accounts. Just send an email to support team. I hope they can solve this problem

Yup, happening to me as well.

Got about 25 more to EV and none are working even with the right code, definitely looks like some kind of issue

Got the same problem here.

Have been getting random EV for the past 3-4 days.
However, today, there seem to be issues through the API (EB works perfectly fine).

On top of that, one account got a new type of EV that asked me to change my email:

However, instead of changing the email, I just added the same (current) email on the account and it worked on EB.

I believe this is an IG side issue, so I’ll just let them rest and try again tomorrow…

Try to keep all actions on EB for now.

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Quite a few accounts go it today for me too,

There’s already a thread about this

Maybe the mods want to merge

yes, i got the same issue

Did you contact Jarvee support?

Probably the best thing would be to check with their support about what exactly is happening and why it’s not executing properly.

same problem as me, no reply from support

No reply? are you sure you contacted the right one. Try to contact them from here : Contact JARVEE - the ultimate social media poster