I changed my device recently

My views have plummeted so have my likes. I was growing very slowly and just started growing like from 30 views to 180 views with quite a good amount of likes but no comments or shares. My followers don’t engage with me even though I use to get 4 followers a day without f4f but built a following prior to that with said technique

Then my iPhone got spoilt now is sent for repairs.

Views dropped so did likes by ALOT. There are a few other factors but is switching to Android detrimental?

Shouldn’t be. Did you take many days off posting? Might just have to build back in the alg.

Now it seems the views are coming back slightly but not the likes. I may post crap but it was geyt

My views are getting back slowly but not the likes. I don’t know what’s wrong.

Someone said they reported me recently and I contacted tiktok to get into the matter. Could that have affected me?

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yes off course, as we said on the other thread try to keep your posting quality the same don’t do big changes in this period.

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